ALAK is Pregnant's better half

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As you may have heard, Pregnant is embarking on the Tradition tour, which consists of playing shows around the fruited plains of North America, while he and his girlfriend dip their 10-month old daughter's hands in paint and press it to buildings and monuments at every stop. I for one, agree with the Trudeau family on the importance of learning to deface government property at a young age.

But Pregnant is not the sole performer of the Placerville-based family. The Tradition tour is a split bill with Pregnant sharing the stage with his girlfriend's band which performs under the moniker ALAK. Her experimental-folk band released a cassette on Davis-based label KDVS Records called GRØUPS, which is limited to 300 copies pressed. The album is streaming on ALAK's Bandcamp and Impose is proud to share a Patten remix to the opening track “My Love Is The Best”.

The original “My Love Is The Best” blossoms with dreamy off-kilter dub inflections that could be perceived as a concrete compliment to Trudeau's oddball manifestations. Yeah, I totally made a “she's his rock” statement, but ALAK has that vibe, like the two have unspoken influences on the other, while maintaining a strong individuality. Perhaps this is reading too far into the music, so let's lighten the conversation by admiring “My Love Is The Best” for Jocelyn's shaky vocals that pull the most out of musings like “take away the ammunition and they'll reach for the stones”, which are appropriate considering the dub pacing, but are equally perturbing when placed adjacent to the “my love is the best” refrain and a texture of hushed heavy breathes.

The Patten remix extends the dreaminess of the original, then makes the needle skip until a hypnotic rhythm is established that is similiar to the deconstructionist style mined by Matt Papich's Co La project.

ALAK, “My Love Is The Best”

Grab your copy of GRØUPS here and make note of the Tradition Tour dates here.