AMARA, “Last Night”

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AMARA is a name that you won’t want to forget, as she has “pop icon” written all over her, and will likely be launched into the type of super stardom reminiscent of artists like Lana Del Rey and Banks. She just released her first musical offering last month, covering Kanye’s “Only One” in a very interesting way. Today, AMARA brings us the exclusive premiere of the first single off her upcoming Kaolin EP, which is set to release on August 1st.

Replete with haunting vocals and incredibly vibrant strings, “Last Night” is slow and touching. AMARA’s voice has undeniable range, gorgeous and robust at times, while balancing a tightrope in high-pitched delicacy at others. “Last  Night” is a testament to the power of love at first sight–or infatuation, to say the least–and the hope that reveals itself with a new love.

Over the next 5 months, AMARA will release her debut album Porcelain as a trio of EPs — Kaolin, Fluxes, and Vitrify. Kaolin is out August 1st. Stay posted with the latest on her website.