Anik Khan, "Kites"

Post Author: Andre G

Queens artist Anik Khan has quietly become one of the most impactful figures in the New York scene. His existential introspection and tales of growing up as a Bengali-American have delivered a relatively unheard perspective to the game. Khan looks to push even further with the release of his upcoming Kites project, a long-awaited work set to drop on April 28th.
Khan released the title track from the project, which he has described as a cornerstone for the upcoming album. “Kites” is constructed on a well-penned, sustained metaphor in which Khan likens himself to a kite–and his family, friends and supporters the figurative thread keeping him going.
He cleverly parallels his journey as an artist and man to a kite’s journey through the sky, fervently crooning over smooth, subdued guitar play. The track’s sonicbed was crafted by Khan and frequent collaborators Jarreau Vandal and Raj Makhija, who appear on many of the songs on Kite. Hopefully that chemistry bodes well for the 10-track project, and the crew can ascend together.
You can view the tracklist and stream “Kites” below.

  1. Cleopatra (prod. Melo-X & Anik Khan)
  2. Tides (prod. aywy, Raj Makhija & Anik Khan)
  3. Habibi (prod. aywy & Anik Khan)
  4. Mango Nectar (prod. aywy, Don Knock, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
  5. Brent’s Interlude
  6. Kites (prod. Jarreau Vandal, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
  7. Tangerine f/Yonkwi (prod. Yonkwi & Anik Khan)
  8. Don’t Behave (prod. Branko)
  9. Sunlight f/Luna (prod. Jarreau Vandal & Anik Khan)
  10. Columbus (prod. See.Francis & Anik Khan)