ant’lrd, Sleep Drive

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ant’lrd, (NOT pronounced “ant lord,” according the Facebook page), is releasing a new album titled Sleep Drive via Whited Sepulchre Records, and we’ve got the premiere waiting for you right here.

Colin Blanton, aka antl’rd, has been creating synth music since 2011. For Sleep Drive, cLOUDEAD and .anticon’s Odd Nosam was summoned to master the record. ant’lrd creates long, moving synth music that has a certain ambience to it. It’s warm, it’s distinct, it leaves an impression. You almost have to listen to it in the right setting, say a rainy day, to get the best effect of ant’lrd’s compositions.

The ten minute long “Hood,” off of Sleep Drive, is a perfect of example of how lost you can get listening ant’lrd’s music. It’s a quiet, unrelenting adventure of tranquility.

Sleep Drive is out now via Whited Sepulchre Records.