Antwon, "94s"

Post Author: Andre G
It’s a wonder how San Jose born, LA-based rapper Antwon feels about the unabashed, somewhat reductionist clash of the punk and hiphop aesthetic in recent years. When he first broke away from punk band Leather, he created a sound lodged in a netherworld between the raunchy  of hiphop and the rambuctious punk world. Then it was an anomaly. Today, it feels like a Soundcloud prerequisite.
Now, Antwon is gearing up to release his first project in four years with his Sunnyvale Gardens mixtape this October 6th, and has dropped off a summery tribute to a classic hiphop shoe with “94s,” featuring Wicca Phase Springs Eternal of Gothboiclique. On the effervescent Fish Narc-produced track, Antwon links a tale of romance with a shared appreciation for Air Max 94s, desiring only “real trainers on my misses.”  His intense, intent flow belies the track’s delicate synth melody and shows off his chops when juxtaposed with a typically melodic chorus that bleeds into Wicca’s impassioned vocals.
You can listen to “94s” and view the tracklist below.