Appetite makes crack for hipsters

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Obstructive Vibrations continues its string of weirdo pop downloads with Appetite's The Ambiguous Garment.

Teddy Briggs is in What's Up. When he's not doing the What's Up thing, he's living in Sacramento (which contrary to belief is not “underground”) making coltish pop that's missing a screw. With lyrics this off the ornery farm, it feels like a sham that What's Up is an instrumental outfit. Briggs is like a Nor Cal Chad VanGaalen on The Ambiguous Garment.

With free albums from artists affiliated in projects like What's Up and whatever the fuck is up with Zach Hill, i.e. his Chll Pll collaboration with OV artist Zach Nelson (Hexlove), either bookmark OV or consider yourself dead to us. We'll continue to check daily for the Ellie Fortune and Fancie records to drop.

Get Appetite's album here.

Appetite, “Crack For Hippies”

Appetite, “Anonymous Citizens”