Are Akron/Family kleptomaniacs?

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Boy oh boy, was Eric Wood mad when he saw that Akron/Family had used Man Is the Bastard's skull logo on some of their recent tour t-shirts. Look how hard Akron/Family are getting trolled!

I don't blame the guy for calling them “FUCKING HUMAN MANURE” – Akron/Family has a long history of “paying homage” to other artists in their band merch.

The best example of this comes from the album art for Akron/Family's S/T record, above. The entire album art uses art by 17th-18th century zoologist/collector Albertus Seba. Too bad Seba is long dead and his illustrations live in the public domain, or else he'd probably be on Akron/Family's Facebook calling them all sorts of names in ALL CAPS. Or, since he was also a chemist who prepared special medicines for the Tsar from jarred foreign specimens, maybe he’d dose Akron/Family with some kind of new party drug made from lizard intestines.

But that's not my point. What I'm really trying to say is that this album cover looks very similar to Sublime's classic 40oz. to Freedom.

I can only assume that after Akron/Family member Miles Seaton’s youthful Man Is the Bastard phase, he got really into Sublime. And the closest thing he could find to pay homage to an album that had this much profound impact on him was to use an image that resembled it. I rest my case.

Check out the book Albertus Seba: Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Scan some of your favorite images, flip them and screen print them on your bands next batch of shirts, and then let’s see if Akron/Family tries to call YOU out on it! I like this game.