Astro Tan, "Duck Fat"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

When we first realized we were premiering a song called “Duck Fat”, our minds raced to that scene in A Christmas Story where their last resort is to enjoy the holiday by watching a duck get its lifeless head cut off. And yeah, sometimes in our youth we wondered if it was a fatty meat to enjoy because we weren’t big into duck hunting. But now there’s this song that Portland’s Astro Tan created with this title and we were too curious to pass it up.
Thank goodness we didn’t. Horns lead powerfully into the beautiful, slow, unexpected beat of a drum. At times you feel as though you’ve been enveloped into a hazy, 70’s dream, while you battle the strength of the instrumentals to understand the well thought out lyrics. After all, they address much bigger ideas, singing about a call to arms, “the rapture,” life, and they even somehow find time to reference 90’s child actors.

For those of you who didn’t know, today is National Peking Duck Day. The album that this track can be found on – Canary – is set to release February 24th. Keep up with the band here.