Babbling April, "Reputation"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Photo Credit: Eden Campbell

Blending elements of indie-pop and shoegaze with an overall sense of catharsis, rockers Babbling April face the harsh realities of life by finding and celebrating the beauty in, well, living. Embedded in the D.C. culture, the majority of the band work government jobs by day and play to more and more acolytes in the underground scene by night. With everything that’s sure to happen in government and politics from the moment I hit publish on this article to when you’re ultimately reading it, I think the need for an artistic reprieve goes without saying.
Having said what didn’t necessarily needed to be said, Babbling April brings an earnest sense of urgency and fun to everything that they do, the latest being their upcoming Holy Gold EP. Impose Magazine is bringing you the exclusive premiere of the short player’s latest preview, acoustic-meets-shoegaze re-interpretation of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation.”
The band’s Vivienne Machi shares:
“While this adaptation changes the chords, tempo, melody, and most lyrics of the original, it evokes the same tenacious spirit in a softer form.
When I sing this song, it feels like I’m adding my voice to the long line of women in rock who have pushed their way to the front of the stage despite every hurdle. It is a salute to those women who were and remain unafraid to be unapologetically themselves. A homage and an affirmation for me to keep that spirit alive.”
Stream Babbling April’s “Reputation” below and look for Holy Gold out March 3rd here.