Battlehooch, “Everyday”

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San Francisco’s six piece psych rock collective Battlehooch is crossing genres and making a name for themselves globally. Their quirky, other-era image boasts a rare and special sound, something that is quality every single time. As they plan to release a series of singles this year, here is the latest for you to enjoy.

“Everyday” begins – as all great psych rock songs do – with a stand-alone guitar chord. The mid-tempo song continues, ripe with low percussion and harmonica, into a more blues-driven track, discussing a man’s infatuation at length. With lyrics like “Any day I’m trying just to get closer / She’s always just out of reach,” you’d think he would give up. But this puppy love isn’t about to end, and that becomes more and more obvious as the song goes on.

But she inspired a well-composed piece with a truly rock vibe to it, so why doesn’t she feel the same?

Tour dates
Oct 7 – Bunk Bar – Portland, OR
Oct 8 – The Dip – Redding, CA
Oct 14 – Deer Lodge – O’jai, CA
Oct 15 – Tastemaker Festival – Visalia, CA
Oct 29 – Brick and Mortar (Playing a Set of Prince Covers!!) – San Francisco, CA
Nov 2 – Cafe Stritch – San Jose, CA
Nov 3 – Pianofight – San Francisco, CA
Nov 4 – Off Beat Festival – Reno, NV
Nov 5 – Kreb-Quarters – Sacramento, CA
Nov 19 – Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA