Blissed Out + Shady Blaze = Blazed Out

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Blazed Out

Blissed Out has undergone a lion's share of mutations in its existence, including a name alteration far too complicated to bother typing out. It's latest incarnation involves delving into the cloud/lo-fi rap scene. Blissed Out linked up with Green Ova member Shady Blaze for the track “I Don't Care”, which might be the introduction to a collaborative effort entitled Blazed Out. Well done, guys!

Blissed Out pummel the woofers with ominous church bells and stream-lining synths on “I Don't Care”. It's a reanimation of everything dark and sinister that rumbled out of the South in the late 90s, when 3-6 Mafia were occultists and No Limit was pen & pixeling the shit out of its album art. Shady Blaze is right at home, keeping his brews cold and his trees hot.