Bloody Your Hands, "Bad Weather"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

In Bloody Your Hands’ Facebook profile picture, the trio are shown sporting colorful children’s instruments. It speaks to their style– they know how to make life a bit lighter, and their music has a childlike quality of fun to it. Made up of Jameson Edwards, Mike Horaz, and Henry Joseph, the New York City based dudes bring a carefree attitude to the tumult of relationships on their latest track, “Bad Weather.”
Explains the band, “This is a song about how weird relationships can be. It’s about how irrational and guarded we get, ignoring the good things we’ve built and closing ourselves off from the people we most want to connect with. It’s about how stupid fights feel after we’ve had a chance to cool off and revisit things.”
Bringing to mind hints of King Tuff and The Pixies, the track is relaxed and mellow, full of grunge but also sunshine. The title juxtaposes the energy the song gives off: “Bad Weather” is infectious and energizing– it’s almost impossible not to bop your head to.
The band had a fun fact about the track to share, admitting, “We used a can of mixed nuts as a shaker at the end. It sounded cool.”

Monsters Never Die is out July 7th. Keep up with the band here.