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Blueprint Who

Dedicating an EP to Funkadelic is not the most unheard of sampling decision in hip hop, but Blueprint applying the format to dad-rock… who'da thunk it?

Just in time for his stint on Atmosphere's To All My Friends tour, Who is a five-song free EP, in which Blueprint builds each beat around a choice The Who sample. “Baba O'Riley” is the backbone to “Dream Big,” while “We Won't Get Fooled Again” is the foundation for “Pain” (featuring Illogic). These are the two easily recognizable samples from Who's Next, but it's difficult to discern whether Printmatic did some hefty chopping and tweaking to the samples on “See Thru” and “Feel Me” or if it's just been too long since I last heard The WHo Sell Out or the Tommy rock opera.

The video for “Dream Big”:

I never thought I'd hear Psychedelic Horseshit shouted out on a hip hop record, but be sure to listen to Blueprint giving props to his Columbus homies in lo-fi at the beginning of “See Thru”.

Download Blueprint's Who here on some name-your-price sh*t.