Brenmar = These Are Powers side project

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brenmar bill salas

Brenmar is the solo project of Bill Salas, one third of These Are Powers.

He's been sending out a collection of new remixes and tracks that showcase flawless dance production chops and some of the instrumental tricks that These Are Powers have played with recently.

That said, these are definitely on the harder-keeled side of straight-ahead dance bangers, with some jumping head first into the dense dubstep jungle towards the heart of darkness where years ago Squarepusher stumbled into the waiting jaws of Benga. There is not a single track out of the six currently sitting on my desktop that could not blow the lid off a dance party.

Salas also has the luxury of some great material for his remixes, including Blondes' “Spanish Fly”.

Brenmar, “Heavy Pockets”

Blondes “Spanish Fly” (Brenmar remix)