Buck Gooter, "Apocalypse Me"

Post Author: JP Basileo

If you have a head on your shoulders, and a brain in that head aware of the state of the country/world, some bleak music might do you good. Buck Gooter has you covered with “Apocalypse Me,” the first single off their new LP, 100 Bells, out July 26 on Ramp Local. The pummeling thuds of floor tom and kick drum shakes the ground like the dropping of the nukes indicated in the title, and the evisceration of identity and everything that was or might have been good. The chuck-chuck of guitar gives added percussive pulse, like the aftershocks of an earthquake, only until all is quiet (at its end). It’s definitely a really catchy track, but it’s rooted in the memory of something pleasant being swallowed by flames. The riff that accompanies the chorus is inviting, but it’s tainted by Billy Brett’s unhinged vocals chilling you to your core. It all hurtles to its close, an unstoppable doomy tumbleweed, topped with Brett’s unforgettable chant, “You’re a human human friend, Until the very very end:” a final reminder that all is temporary. Enjoy your day.

See Buck Gooter on tour!
1 @ Spaghetti House, Kutztown, PA
12 @ The Crown, Baltimore, MD
13 @ TBA, Cleveland, OH
14 @ Strangewaves Fest, Paris, ON
15 @ Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON w/ Low Sun, Humanities
16 @ Gashfest – La Vitriola w/ Gashrat, Sediment Club, Alexander Moskos
16 @ La Vitriola, Montreal, QC w/ Gashrat, Sediment Club, Alexander Moskos
18 @ Radstorm, Halifax, NS
19 @ The Khyber, Halifax, NS
20 @ The Apohadion Theatre, Portland, ME w/ New England Patriots
21 @ Aurora, Providence, RI
22 @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY w/ Eartheater, The Dreebs, Sunk Heaven,
23 Philadelphia w/ Show Me The Body, Frank Hurricane, Pube
26 @ Golden Pony, Harrisonburg, VA w/ Porn Husband, Flesh Narc, Thin Skin
5 @ Charlie’s, Norfolk, VA
6 @ Bandito’s, Richmond, VA