Charlee Remitz – My Worst

The U.S Songwriter Shares Album Track.

L.A Based Charlee Remitz is an artist with a lot to look forward to. Her upcoming album Sad Girl Music is sure to continue with her unmistakable style of punchy synths and wicked lyricism, My Worst is the perfect post-breakup pop anthem to destroy your hotel room to. Singing “you’ve got my heart, so I’m coming for yours,” Charlee’s songwriting goes from helplessly in love to don’t mess with me at the flip of a switch. Produced by Zach Milo, the track is fierce, choppy, and full of lush electronic production that perfectly matches Charlee’s pointed songwriting.

“I would never plainly describe myself as a writer. I’m more of a rewriter. I write and rewrite and agonize over lyrics, trying to pump as much meaning and profundity into them as I can. But in the instance of “My Worst,” I was just seeing red. Simple as that. My universe had turned crimson. I was furious. There was no need for massive rumination—anger happens to be one of the most inspiring and fueling emotions of them all, and I let it have its way with me.”

Listen to ‘My Worst’ below