Lee Bannon & Chuuwee, Hot N Ready

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Lee Bannon's collaboration EP with Willie The Kidd is one of my sleeper picks that regrettably didn't make our Best Releases of July list thanks the Big Boi, Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs. September is going to be another competitive month, but Lee Bannon is in the running once again with a collab with 19-year old Sacramento rapper Chuuwee.

For most Hot N' Ready is going to mimic that Little Caesars instant gratification, but I've been waiting on this record since May. I ain't mad though because like any late delivery – it's free. I can't think of a better producer to bring Chuuwee to the masses, as Lee Bannon's lo-fi vintage 90's sound (did this dude seriously record mono-style?), will conjure golden era comparisons for the youngster. It will only help his cred with Nas references on “6 Feet Deep Part 1” and an update on King Tee's “Super Nigga”.

Comparisons to Nas, back when he was Nasty, are bound to happen from hearing “6 Feet Deep Part 1,” but with all the Illmatic-biting going on this year, Chuuwee deserves to be excluded from any groaning discourse. I dare someone to hate the newest smooth criminal on beat breaks that flawlessly executes bars like “keep stuntin' like you Evil Kenevil / to find your body on a ski-doo in the back of your cathedral.”

Download Hot N' Ready here.

Lee Bannon & Chuuwee, “6 Feet Deep Part 1”

Lee Bannon & Chuuwee, “Change Em”

Lee Bannon & Chuuwee, “For A Slice”