Clas Tuuth, “Clicks, Beats, and Breaks Mix”

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London’s Clas Tuuth has built a reputation on remixes and 7″ releases on independent label Need No Water. Those EPs began piling up only a year ago, three and counting, and next year expect a debut full length built upon the success of his latest single, “Air”.

Clas Tuuth’s sound is often characterized as oscillating between pensive melancholia and dancefloor-ready UK Garage, it fusses with the human and inhuman, and distorts those tropes into an age old battle between the organic and the industrial. Electronic music by its title is meant to suffer synchronization, but a producer who can overcome this hurdle and discover the evocative in electronic will always resonate above the fray.

For Clas Tuuth’s Friday Night mix, he reworks his catalog, functioning as a compendium to be consumed by newcomers, yet refreshing edits for those who arrive familiar with the oeuvre. The London producer explains further:

I had a play around with a bunch of my own tracks together with a few old loops and breaks that I’ve got a lot of affection for. While I’m finishing up my album, I haven’t found as much time as usual to listen to a lot of new music, certainly not enough in the same style to make a coherent mix from, and scrambling bits and pieces together rather than playing full tracks is always my favourite way to DJ anyway. I love remixing and making new versions of tracks on the fly, so this mix was a lot of fun to make.

“Clicks, Beats, and Breaks Mix” Tracklisting:
Clas Tuuth, “Air”
Bobby Byrd, “Hotpants” (break)
Digable Planets, “Where I’m From” (loop)
Gaz, “Sing Sing” (break)
Clas Tuuth, “Legion”
Clas Tuuth, “I Amped”
Clas Tuuth, “Sketch”
Clas Tuuth, “If” (drums)
Clas Tuuth, “Glass”
Lyn Collins, “Think” (break)
Clas Tuuth, “Half Hour From Home” (voice)
Clas Tuuth, “Cliff” (drums)
Shut Up & Dance, “Derek Went Mad” (loop)
Brother Soul, “Cookies” (break)
Clas Tuuth, “Cotty”
James Brown, “Funky Drummer” (break)
Clas Tuuth, “Rain”
Clas Tuuth, “Float On” (drums)
MC Shan, “Another One to Get Jealous Of”
Galt MacDermot, “Golden Apple Pt.2” (loop)
Incredible Bongo Band, “Apache” (break)
Smif N Wessun, “Hellucination” (loop)
Clas Tuuths, “Octagons”
Clas Tuuth, “It’s Not Me”
Funkdoobiest, “Rock On” (loop)
Head Hunters, “God Made Me Funky” (break)