Coach & Ref – 3-D

Coach & Ref is formed from long-tern studio buddies Bleu & Daple. Originally songwriter-producers who started experimenting with leftfield production techniques. They soon developed a passion for vintage synths to help them craft their unique, retro-sexual sound.

Their back-story speaks for itself. Bleu is a celebrated artist, award-winning songwriter and producer, having penned Platinum and Gold tracks for Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers. While Daple is a songwriter, producer, and composer who’s scores that can be heard in such films as ‘Friends with Benefits,’ ‘Easy A,’ ‘Vampire Diaries,’ MTV’s hit show ‘Buckwild,’ and most recently “Never Hike Alone.” As a songwriter/producer Daple has worked with Iggy Azalea, Atlas Genius, Samantha J, and many others.

The pair combine on “3-D” – A powerful piece of genre-bending pop that allows plenty of room for interpretation. Featuring Brooke Tomlinson on vocals, it’s a Tron-Esque piece of musical engineering.

““3-D is about stepping out of our manicured virtual-reality skins for a moment to be with someone in actual real-time three-dimensional humanity.”