Communions, “So Long Sun”

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Earlier this year, the Danish band Communions brought a nice touch of pop to the emerging Copenhagen scene with the release of their first EP, Cobblestones on Posh Isolation, the label known for their work with bands like Iceage, Croatian Amour, and Puce Mary. Communions formed in Mayhem, the same rehearsal space as Iceage and Lower, and channel a lot of the similar aesthetics of Copenhagen punk, but the music itself is more romantic in the style of the Smiths or the Drums.

Just a few days ago, the band appears to have broken away from punk with the release of their new song, “So Long Sun”, which will be part of an upcoming 7” released via Tough Love. The production is far more clean, and the vocals almost unrecognizable from the first EP. According to the band, they went into a “real studio” to record what they said the band was intended to originally sound like. This polished sound moves away from that Posh Isolation grit, but the track highlights the band’s impeccable catchy songwriting ability and presents them as a stronger shoegaze act to keep an eye on.

You can stream the new track “So Long Sun” below via Tough Love and look out for the 7” due out November 10.