Dear Blanca, “Out Of View”

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Dear Blanca has certainly not been idle during 2016 and things seem to be getting busier.  The trio from Columbia, South Carolina will be releasing To Tell A Half-Truth their new album in September, 2016, following on the heels of the March release of their EP, I Don’t Mean To Dwell.

The first single from the new album is “Out of View“.  It has retro guitar stylings with raw vocals by Dylan Dickerson, backed up by bassist Cam Powell and drummer Marc Coty. The song actually sounds similar to the beginning riff of “This Little Girl” by Gary U.S. Bonds. In “Out Of View”, the listener takes a lyrical journey that “is meant to be read as a conversation between a man, his neurosis and his former love”.  You’ll definitely find yourself singing and swaying to the melody.