Debut: Bomb Banks, “Beauty Is The Beast”

John Yingling

Bomb Banks

Photo by Jenna Caravello

When you go to shows obsessively, seek out noise, you watch a lot of bands grow. You get to enjoy when a familiar potent live moment comes to those uninitiated. The energy and volume making people physically react, even if they don't want to.

For well over the last year, a band called Bomb Banks has been terrorizing Chicago's cramped basements and unique all-ages spaces. Jon Ziemba, ex-Coughs drummer, prowling around, yelling at everyone in the room. More than once making everyone uncomfortable, making them yell and scream back, impatiently shift, or start a circle pit. However, there's no schtick here. Just energy. Bret Koontz (Cool Memories) laying in weird guitar somewhere between Brainiac and Bowie. Did I mention Ziemba is a performer? Part woman, part hurricane Rhonda Lowry seals together a consistently entertaining three piece that's constantly evolving after dozens of shows. Yet you could probably count the times they've played a “normal venue” on one hand. They'd like to play your all ages show, please.

Not People is out now on cassette via Love Lion. If you're in Chicago on Wednesday, RSVP to their Empty Bottle show for free entrance and spend that money supporting a great local tape label.

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