Debut: Heaven's Gate, “Jesus Hair”

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Heaven's Gate have been playing around Brooklyn since mid-last year, and finally, for everyone who's not in Brooklyn, they are going to produce some recorded material. The band is fiery on stage, with Jess Paps, the singer, firing round-after-round of dense, dark vocals, thick with a nasal tonality reminscent of maybe Dolores O'Riordan but without the romance. Other members, including Mike Sheffield of Alan Watts and Sweet Bulbs, accompany Paps' onlslaught with sharp bayonetted guitar riffs and flying shrapnel pieces of snare. On recording, there is more reverb and pop sentimentality than I feel like there is live, but the recordings will serve as a workable substitute until Heaven's Gate can come to your town. The High Riser 7-inch will be out on Fire Talk Records in April/May. We'll give you updates when we hear the exact dates.

Heaven's Gate, “Jesus Hair”