OOFJ, “Opal Skin”

Blake Gillespie


The LA duo known as OOFJ, pronounced O of J, are breaking the rules of a debut record by enlisting the help of a symphony on Disco To Die. It was not a high school symphony or the UCLA philharmonia or even local rap group LA Symphony that backed the trip-tronic group. It's the Prague Symphony Orchestra, as in the founded in 1934 in the now Czech Republic city of Prague, Prague Symphony Orchestra. Yeah, that one. A pairing of a group on its debut record with a nearly 80-year-old symphony just does not happen. Ever.

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The presence of the Prague Symphony Orchestra is buried though in OOFJ's new single “Opal Skin” so that a pulsating low end can send the music on a noir trip through a dangerous liason. Vocalist Katherine Mills Rymer has a Julee Cruise-esque presence within producer Jenno Bjørnkjær's cinematic backbeat. It's in the airiness as she shuns off the tempter. There's a complexity to Rymer's singing in “Opal Skin”, making it almost indescernable whether Rymer is scared and cowering, or if her serpentine warnings are as venomous as the milky-skinned perpetrator's presence.

OOFJ's Disco To Die is out March 26 on the band's imprint Clapyouclapme and Fake Diamond.

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