DJ Earl and Nick Hook, "Hook Chop"

Post Author: Andre G

Late electronic artist and founder of the Teklife collective DJ Rashad leaves a lasting legacy, with a catalog of music inspiring artists three years after his untimely death. His Teklife brethren DJ Earl and producer Nick Hook are just two artists heavily influenced by him, which leaves his sonic fingerprints on their upcoming 50 Backwoods project.
The two artists only began collaborating this year, but agree that “carrying on Rashad’s legacy is a part of what we do every day,” as Nick has said. After vibing with each and deciding to tour together, DJ Earl and Hook began working on 50 Backwoods, a project they will perform on their National tour which begins December 6th and ends December 23rd.
Aside from combining their production styles to create a genre-bending, electronic influenced hip-hop soundscape, the group smoked through “50 backwoods” – oh, and got with a couple other artists, including New York-based MC Wiki. Wiki shows out on their first single “Hook Chop,” telling fellow MCs “if you go around with Wik’ on the track I will lap you, I’ll do more than that, I will slap you as I run past you.”
The mystical production combines traditional hip-hop breaks with a cheerful synth that take center stage at the end of the track. 50 Backwoods will be available on December 8th via Fools Gold records. You can stream “Hook Chop” and see the dates for their December tour below.