Don MyKel, "Hell on Earth"

Post Author: Andre G

It’s all about perspective. Just ask talented Harlem artist Don MyKel, who dropped his “Hell On Earth” record today. If you had access to the lyrics alone, the approximately 2-minute song would sound like an open letter to the gods, seeking all the perceived good things in life: Spring shopping in the Fall. Range rovers, stacks and more.
But hearing the lyrics with producer SM Tracks’ sinister sonics, dominated by moody bass and mysterious keys, puts MyKel’s wishes in a different light. Checking out the apocalyptic artwork, which showcases a burning building, further mystifies – as does the pitched down voice at the end of the track. Is it a commentary on “selling” one’s soul? Are the materials MyKel is seeking indicative of a hellish, materialistic existence? Is he saying that he’s feeling hell on earth without these things?
There is an intriguing ambiguity at play on “Hell On Earth.” Whatever MyKel’s ultimate message, he pulled it off with an immaculate, melodic flow that’s a notable departure from his more lyrically intense efforts. You can hear more upon the release of his September 8th Infinite EP.
In the meantime, you can listen to “Hell On Earth” below: