DVA DAMAS, “Living Again (Hawkline)”

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DVA Damas

DVA DAMAS is an L.A. based duo made up of composer/producers Taylor Burch and Joseph Cocherell. The folks at Dream have partnered up with the U.K. label Downwards to co-release the group's debut album Nightshade on February 26. Recorded between 2010-2012, the full-length follows up a 10-inch put out in 2010 also with Downwards and boasts a breed of industrial drum machines, western sounds and tripped out and echoed vocals. It's essentially as if you closed your eyes and pictured yourself in the basement of a seedy Berlin club where everyone is wearing black and cowboy hats with The Good, The Bad & The Ugly being projected on the walls. Come to think of it, someone should really create that.