Eaters, “Genesis Mix”

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The duo of Bob Jones and Jonathan Schenke, known as Eaters, floored us with thier self-titled release earlier this year on Dull Tools, a small imprint run by Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts. Eaters came to their record armed to fight the man vs machine war with a winning cause for humanity. Tracks like the lead single “Bury The Lines”, enter the vortex of motorik and counter its ceaseless propulsion with humanistic elements that render the long-mined template anew. It's as though Eaters found a hidden path in the mainframe of machine music that leads to an emotional core thought impossible in the metal cogs and live wires.

For the duo's Friday Night curation, entitled “Genesis Mix”, they disclose how they arrived at the new land now claimed as home of the Eaters. As expected it took a deep study of Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Neu!, and Eno—the gatekeepers to Moog's Inferno. Eaters explained their mix further, below:

The “Genesis Mix” is about discovery and new frontiers. Each artist embodies a spirit of exploration in their work and blurs the line between outlier and trailblazer. The music in this mix exists outside of genre and remains as physically vital as ever. We hope this presentation will reward and resonate with the open-minded and the open-hearted.

Dedicated to Elodie Lauten (October 20, 1950 – June 3, 2014)

“Genesis Mix” tracklisting:
01 Elodie Lauten (RIP) – Prelude
02 Kraftwerk – Elektrisches Roulette
03 Aphex Twin – Fenix Funk 5
04 Durian Brothers – Angstbrine
05 Pan Sonic – Hapatus
06 Arnold Dreyblatt – Point Rotation
07 The Units – High Pressure Days
08 10cc – Somewhere in Hollywood
09 Neu – Super
10 Steve Reich – Drumming (ii)
11 Don Cherry – Brown Rice
12 Broadcast – Tender Buttons
13 Brian Eno – Pachelbel's Canon in D Major (ii): French Catalogues

Eaters' self-titled album is out now on Dull Tools.