Ender Belongs to Me, Memory

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Failure manifests itself in many ways. Whether it winds up encompassing our daily lives with dread or gives us striving efforts to push forward, it persists and lingers. Ender Belongs to Me seem to know this all too well. On initial listening of their cassette Memory (out now on Crash Symbols), Ender Belongs to Me only sound like a duo who share a love of cheap laptop synthesizers and kitsch house chords. Soon though, their jams unfurl and become woeful ballads of misery. According to a variety of sources, the unnamed duo (together, they go by Peter Wiggin) have been tormented by years of depression and addiction. A glance at the Peter Wiggin's Tumblr confirms this, as their posts are tortured by the past, the present, and the uncertain future. The entries are painful, and shed understanding on the songs that make up Memory.

Opener “Kick/Scream”, glistens and bubbles lightly until a cold tom and snare bring it to life with the burning fire of despair. Cassette highlight “All Working” is heart wrenching excursion that feels like a Cancun vacation gone awry. As lyrics repeatedly speak of how much he, “tries,” synth keys pluck an anguished house lead that in any other context would be triumphantly joyous. Ender Belongs to Me's productions emanate a sense of digital decay; in a world continuing to become more connected, they are consistently becoming more isolated.
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