Equalibrum, Parallel

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Equalibrum Parallel

California beatmaker Equalibrum is mostly known as the dude who provided LA rapper Intuition with the majority of the production on his two solo records, Stories About Nothing and Girls Like Me. The records bared Intuition's name, but each record was blessed with Equalibrum's soulful touch on production. Striking out on his own, Equalibrum dropped Parallel today on his Bandcamp.

Parallel is not a beat tape, but a return to the studious mentality of the instrumental record. Equalibrum is not out to unload 20 excerpts of beats from the vaults at once or offer an olive branch to rappers in need. The album art is fitting of the sounds found in Parallel. There's a shut-in vibe that once clung to the majority of instrumental hip hop records. These were albums made by dudes who had little lives or hobbies outside of listening for the perfect break and exploring its worth well past the midnight hour and last call for alcohol.