Exile in the booth; next yr wedding

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4 TRK Mind

LA producer extraordinare Exile threatened to step into the booth for an entire record with rumors beginning not long after Fashawn's Boy Meets World record dropped that featured “Bo Jackson” as Exile's debut on the mic. No longer a threat, but a promise Exile is releasing his debut rap album 4 TRK MIND tomorrow on Soul Spazm. Easing us into the Exile experience, the first track to debut from the record is “When Nothing's Left”, which features his old pal Blu over some chopped Otis – no Kanye.

Exile's verses are decent enough to keep it movin' along, but his chorus structure is where the song excels as Exile proves that he either learned plenty from Aloe Blacc from their days in Emannon or vice versa. As always it's a treat to hear Blu over Exile's soul chops and puts thoughts of a follow-up to Below The Heavens on our minds – perhaps someday.

Exile, “When Nothing's Left” (feat. Blu)

Exile's 4TRK MIND is out Tuesday on Soul Spazm.