Sensual Harassment

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It's been a minute since we posted something in the distyopian 80s party jam category, so without further adieu, may we present to you the return of Sensual Harassment. They've been around for a few years, but they've got a new single in “Soldier”, their muff-diving Human Tears for Fear League tribute. There's more reverb and jittery synth sequenced into this mofo than any of the influences they paint so vividly with their melancholy vocal melodies and bombastic synth pad progressions, combined. In a way, Sensual Harassment do more than revive with this track; they water board their idols with layers upon layers of nostalgic noise that one can only imagine would amount to a deluge of monolithic tones heard live.

“Daddy Long Legs” is on a similar tact of 80s revivalism, but cleans up their act for a dance floor anthem with production that ultimately screams Daft Punk until it starts to melt into molten delays at the four-minute break down. It's refreshing to see these guys are all over the place. Be excited to see what they toss up next.

Sensual Harassment, “Soldier”

Sensual Harassment, “Daddy Long Legs”