Frankie Rose, “Sorrow”

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frankie rose

Frankie Rose, recently granted the heralded position of Impose's Favorite Person, has a new record coming through Fat Possum on September 24 and with it comes the beautiful, wistful “Sorrow”, a track that could easily be a Smiths-Cure mashup made with Gentle Waves vocals. Though it's hard to imagine what could be sorrowful about such splendor, there is an underlying melancholy that comes along with the overtly shiny guitar and the muslin-materialed lacquered vocal track. Listening to “Sorrow” feels like looking through hazy curtains onto a body of water—it's introspective and singular and sunny. We're looking forward to this record and it's levels of 80s-meets-modern day malcontent. (Visit this link for our recent chat with Frankie Rose at Pitchfork Fest.)

You can preorder Herein Wild, the album from whence this track comes, at this link.