Discovery + Chromeo

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It's hard to believe two years have passed since the last DJ-Kicks release, but how fitting for Chromeo to bring it back. The Jewish one should totally blow out his hair and sport the 1970s Don Henley look as promotion for this Eagles cover.

Chromeo, “I Can't Tell You Why” (Eagles Cover)

Here's hoping this cover yields an opening slot on the seventh Eagles reunion tour. Joe Walsh could tell grandpa stories about how when he was their age he didn't have fancy things like auto-tune. He had to stick a thick plastic tube in his mouth and the bus rides in and out of Colorado were uphill both ways.

Vampire Riot Weekend, Ra Ra! High schoolers reading this should start a petition to get your mascot changed to the Vampire Riot Weekends, just so this portmanteau can be your fight song. (Besides, its only a matter of time before the native Americans in your area stop letting you tred on their image.) Imagine halftime band performances of “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” complete with flagcore routines.

Discovery, “I Want You Back (In Discovery)”

VW/Ra Ra Riot collaboration Discovery are more like prophets than bedroom R&B singers. The duo covered Jackson 5 1969 #1 single “I Want You Back,” only to have the King of Pop die weeks before the album release date. Conspiracy? Opportunists?

We won't call it, but this cover ain't half bad. Now go dance, you sprightly children!