No Ugly People Allowed!

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The year was '88 and hip hop parties were all the hoop-la. Lessons were getting dropped on wax. It was proven that parents didn't understand and that girls of the world were nothing but trouble. But there was another rapper and DJ group from Philadelphia that was preaching some serious philosophy that went unnoticed on the pop charts.

“So if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Man, find an ugly woman and make her your wife
Cause pretty girls will have you crying the blues
But when a ugly girl leaves she ain't nothing to lose”

Cash Money & Marvelous, “Find An Ugly Woman”

More importantly, a public service announcement for all the ugly people, this includes your garden variety haters:

Cash Money & Marvelous, “Ugly People Be Quiet (Remix)”

and just for any party people who aren't convinced this is the bee knees of celebration music:

Cash Money & Marvelous, “A Real Mutha For Ya (12″ Mix)”