Fun Adults, “Acacia”

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Fun Adults is a four piece out of Leeds, England that creates sauntering melodies and beautiful harmonies. When I first heard Fun Adults, my mind immediately jumped to White Denim for the pure deep chested, high pitched nature of the vocals, but the more I listen, the more the singer occupies the falsetto realm of Wild Beasts. Neither are entirely accurate pigeonholes, (band analogies rarely are) but both comparisons help to describe the carefulness of Fun Adults balance of energy.

This is also true for their instrumentation, a split between an opiate wandering and a full, Dirty Projectors-like spastic-ness. On, “Acacia,” the blend between organic sounds and electronic build stirs a whirlwind of a sound that never feels centered, or fixed, but still remains intentional and tight. This is Fun Adult’s follow-up single after their subtler, bouncing minimalist track, “Sap Solid,” from their debut 7” on record label, Tough Love. Both of songs are phenomenally produced and carefully executed making Fun Adults a band to keep an eye on going forward.

Fun Adults' 7″ is out now on Tough Love.