Glass Gang, “Sell It All” (featuring Lizzy Plapinger)

Sjimon Gompers

Glass Gang

Sell it all now, with Glass Gang. (courtesy of the band)

As the campaign for Glass Gang continues in full swing, this week finds them working with Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR on “Sell It All”. Having recently given us the slow tar trickle hour glass minimalism of “Time“; “Sell” doesn't even run for an entire two minutes before doing plenty of delectable damage that leaves an impressionable impact.

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The dirty signature synths of the Gang seer and breakthrough the very beginning. Encouraging you to send your possessions thousands of miles up the river, Plapinger's voice is sped up through the accelerated trap door beat mechanisms as the title refrain of “Sell It All” is chanted en masse. Muddied up sampled drums dot the piece in what sounds like a rhythm track outtake from clipping. where the noise is tempered by an ascetic undertaking. In a track so short, seemingly minimalistic and anything but simplistic; a wealthy of clever and creative material are at work here that continue to keep us listening and waiting to hear what these guys will cook up next.

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