Gold Casio, "Socialites and Singer Types"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Gold Casio, the quartet from Portland, OR, play self-described “Psychedelic Disco” music.  Their new single “Socialites and Singer Types” is a sparkling single.
With catchy lyrics (“Un, oh what do you know/Another pretty girl just sold her soul”) and bright rhythms, Gold Casio has created the perfect dance song. “Socialites and Singer Types” paints a picture of the club scene and the people that inhabit it, and it is an amusing picture, full of life and people you may already know. “Fashionistas, singing divas, most turn into be just baristas”. At the end you are ready for the next Gold Casio moment.
Forrest Grenfell had quite a bit to say about the track.

I wrote the lyrics to this track while sitting in a bar in Hollywood at a time of feeling disenchanted with all of the ego involved in the music and visual art worlds. I thought it would be funny to write a dance song sort of poking fun at some of the stereotypes of people you might interact with in these social circles (myself included). This song is about being able to acknowledge all the superficial motives and obsessions that often come along with a creative pursuit but then ironically ending up indulging in these same attitudes and desires that you disdain. It’s an ode to all of the city slickers and fashionistas working dead-end jobs while pursuing fame.

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