Golden Drugs, “Friends”/ “Struggling Attacker”

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Golden Drugs

As their recent music video for “Friends” can attest, Oakland’s Golden Drugs hit their stride in the cross-section between the beautiful and the horrifying — the video pairs a spacious, melodic tune with the dreamlike moments leading up to a machete murder.

Similarly, the group’s new single “Struggling Attacker” pairs a pop tune, by turns jangly and subdued, with lyrics that seem to tell the nightmarish tale of a failed cult leader. The music is warm and inviting; the story contained therein is spooky, ambiguous, and damning. The appeal is that of a beautifully shot horror movie. Golden Drugs is Drew Pearson (Twin Steps) on vocals and guitar, Chris Natividad (Creepers) on drums, Tyler Bell on bass, and Karin Dahl (Honeycomb) on vocals.