Greg Nice gets CatchDubs'ed

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greg nice

Greg Nice is one of hip hop's most notorious party starters. He's got a knack for call and response shouts, so much that the Beatnuts enlisted him twice for some of its biggest hits in “Turn It Out” and “No Escapin' This”.

Nice never falters with the party ad libs, but he is also known for one of hip hop's biggest miss fires when he proclaimed that “Dizzy Gillespie played the sax” on “Funky For You” with his group Nice & Smooth. It's missteps such as that that makes the Nick Catchdubs remix of “Motherfucka” a good look for Greg Nice, since he makes zero vocal appearances. Still, it would be nice to hear some party calls thrown over the b-boy breaks and squibbly synth squeezes. I can point out a few washing break downs that Nice could ask us to “turn it out” and chances are we'd respond accordingly.

The “Motherfucka” remix is culled from Greg's solo debut Popcycle, which I probably won't check out.