Stream Guerilla Toss’ Smack the Brick EP

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Guerilla Toss has evolved into something of a cult interest in recent years. Musical technicality and talent fused with an aggressive punk attitude place Guerilla Toss both in the avant world (releasing an album on John Zorn’s Tzadik records) and the punk world (getting props from guys like Henry Rollins). Guerilla Toss refuse to exist wholly in either; through their music, the shows they choose to play, and their overall spontaneity they have become somewhat of an anomaly.

With the last couple of G Toss releases the band moved into an experimental interpretation of funk/disco (mosh funk?), laying down hard, oddly danceable grooves mixed with harsh industrial dins. My friend Emilio gave one of my favorite GT descriptions: “A soundscape I’d compare to a discotheque in an active saw mill, undulating and undeniable rhythm bathed in industrial whirr, with the possibility of limb loss.”

There’s one thing that is always certain, Guerilla Toss inspire weirdness, which translates on the new EP, Smack the Brick. Kassie Carlson’s taunting baby voice drawl has become somewhat of a signature; she’s managed to turn her voice into a highly textured instrument, makings lyrics and words inseparable from the sonics. Smack the Brick may be their most blatant overhaul and experimentation with dance music yet, which could be attributed to the addition of two new members, Toby Aronson and Pat Keuhn. With structures complicated enough to look at critically, but still groovy enough to jam the fuck out (if necessary), there’s a push and pull, a compelling contrast that challenges musically, while simultaneously satisfying punk rock aesthetics.

The Smack The Brick EP is out November 18 on NNA Tapes. A list of upcoming Guerilla Toss tour dates is below the stream.

Guerilla Toss tour dates:

19 NYC @ Death By Audio
22 Budweiss @ Naab
23 Strasbourg @ Stimultania
24 Amsterdam @ TBA
25 London @ Old Blue Last
26 Paris @ Instantschavires
28 Valencia @ Bar Cure Antidisco
29 Alicante @ Sala Magazine
30 Benicarlo @ Lion Cafe

01 Porto @ Maus Habitos
02 Lisbon @ Musicbox
03 Madrid @ El Perro De La Parte De Atras
04 Barcelona @ TBA
05 Marseille @ L’embobineuse
06 Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
07 Genf @ Cave
08 Berline @ Schokoladen
09 Munich @ Cafe Kult
10 Hamburg @ Astra Stube
11 Köln @ Gold+Beton
12 Brussels @ TBA
13 Den Hague @ State X New Forms
14 Rotterdam @ Poortgebouw
16 Pilzen @ Pohoda