Guest List: Moha Shares 5 Songs He Can't Stop Listening To

Rising singer-songwriter Moha blends a diverse range of influences reflective of his experiences. Having spent his youth in Senegal, France, and the US, Moha funnels sounds and styles into his own unique brand of infectious pop.
Tomorrow, Moha is set to share the stage with French Horn Rebellion and more as a part of the latter’s YouTooCanWoo Night Out series at Mercury Lounge in NYC. To celebrate, we had Moha share five songs he can’t stop listening to right now.
Check it all out below and be sure to snag tickets for tomorrow’s show, also featuring guest performances by Gibbz, Little Anchor, Shareef Keyes & The Groove, Gabrielle Macafee, and Beau, here.
Bob Marley – “Is This Love”

This is the best love song ever written in my eyes. The message is delivered in such a direct way. And don’t even get me started on the voice!! Nothing is too much or there to make things sound pretty or impressive. Just straight to the point but so full of emotions at the same time.. Definitely the best voice I have ever heard.
The Garifuna Collective – “Sin Precio”

This is a weird one for me. I listen to this song literally every day and it makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. It is spooky but equally beautiful. Then the vocal melody is so different from what we are used to. I would love to sit down with these guys and pick their brains. They conceptualize music in such a different way.. I mean, it’s just quite the song!!!
Youssou Ndour – “Del Teew”

African grooves!!! You don’t need to understand what he is saying to move to it. The percussions are all over this track to the point that sometimes it is hard to distinguish the percussions from the actual drums. It can sound messy at first but makes total sense. If you’re not familiar with these type of music, it can take a little getting used to but once figured out, it just brightens the day
Aloe Blacc – “Good Things”

On this one, it’s just that the song is so smooth!! Everything is well balanced and the song moves. Makes me feel like I am on a train that just keeps on going and going. Aloe Blacc’s tone is just phenomenal too.
Judit Nedderman – “Didi”

If I was to go on a desert island and can bring only one song with me, it would be this one. I go through so many emotions listening to it. The way the song is structured is unpredictable and that is one of the many things that make this song so special. Then she has a voice that is so pure and pleasant that it’s easy for me to listen to it over and over again without being bothered or feeling like I need a break from it because it hits too hard. Just pure!!