Track Premiere: Rock Solid – "Doing Fine"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Self check-ins are essential for survival and growth, especially as an artist. Brooklyn-based musician Jaime Knoth is currently going through one of life’s great reflection points, graduating college (congrats!), while simultaneously stepping out with her new solo vehicle Rock Solid.
Today, Impose is happy to premiere Rock Solid’s true debut single, “Doing Fine,” which is set for release on the Subletter / Something Solid split EP with June Gloom, kicking off the Exploding in Sound Tape Club: Year Two. The track is a brilliant acoustic-led portrait of Knoth taking stock of her life and drawing strength from past struggles as she shares below.
“‘Doing Fine’ is about being self-reliant, growing at your own pace, and being okay with needing help. I’d been having a really hard time in school, feeling alienated and worried- and ‘Doing Fine’ came along while I was coming out of that mental hole. I still have some work to do but my friends, the ones that help me grow, make growing up better. I hope I make my friends feel as strong as they make me feel!”
Stream Rock Solid’s “Doing Fine” below and pre-order the split EP, out June 15th via Exploding in Sound, here.