HoneyChrome, The Chocolate Album

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How to market your music may be a big topic of conversation these days, but an individual going by the name of HoneyChrome just blew the whole thing out of the water with his new package release, The Chocolate Album. With purchase, you get eight highly danceable electronic pop tracks, along with eight unique chocolate truffles to go with each song, and of course, the all-important truffle guide. As if that weren't luxurious enough, the truffles have gold in them, or so the album artwork suggests. The track below, “2minsmovinon,” opens the album with clean beats, cheeky auto-tuned interludes and the guilty-pleasure-iest of catchy hooks. So pull the shades down, move your body, and let the golden chocolatey goodness drip down your chin like a king. Because you deserve it.

More info on The Chocolate Album and its Epicurean treats can be found here.