Horoscope Remixes Bichkraft’s “Ashley”

JP Basileo

The makeup of a good remix often entails some middle ground consisting of recognizable elements from the original track, paired well with definite influences from the remixer. However, sometimes an artist’s approach to remixing completely transforms the original into something else entirely, and the result is, if anything, abstract. Such is the case for Horoscope’s recent effort with Kiev band Bichkraft’s, “Ashley.” The original song was released as a single by Wharf Cat Records a couple of weeks ago. This past Saturday, the label also released an EP of remixes of the one song, by Psychic Blood, House of Feelings, Selector NK, p.m. (Odessa, Ukraine), and Bryozone (Odessa, Ukraine). In addition to these heavy hitting minds, is René Nuñez’s ultra personal brainchild Horoscope, whose brand of noise and experimental music can range from blood-curdling harsh noise and horrifically trouble screaming to beautifully calming ambient clouds and hushed keyboards.

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Nuñez’s remix of “Ashley” explores a rather expansive spectrum of emotive sound, weaving airy droning through sporadic, oscillating drums, and the haunting echoes of the original track’s vocal parts, probably the only discernible part that translates onto the remix, other than that both are somewhat unnerving as a whole. What is already, probably, a ‘foreign’ language becomes the unintelligible lament of a banshee from the wrong side of death. Slowly, the ethereal intensity builds in a glowing hum, the percussion gaining momentum and the repeats on the vocal delays doubling in number. It’s like the entrance of a meteorite into the Earth’s atmosphere, the edges fraying in fiery trembles. The main theme gives way to unknowable rattling and crude feedback, and the track ends as ambiguously as it began.

Bichkraft are currently touring Eastern Europe, if you’re there!


22 – Tallinn, Helikopter Live: бичкрафт ⌿ pree tone ⍀ keetai
23 – Riga, Depo Bichkraft [UKR], Pree Tone [UKR]
24 – Vilnius, XI20 Bichkraft [UA] + Pree Tone [UA]
25 – Warsaw, Sen Pszczoł 25.11 Pree Tone / Bichkraft / Sierść / Autist Loser
26 – Grodno, Details TBA Preetone / Bichkraft

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