Iglooghost, “Peanut Choker”

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In a relatively short time, 18-year-old UK producer Iglooghost has earned a reputation as a prolific, wildly imaginative composer. He’s said last year’s Chinese Nü Yr EP was a “a story about a gelatinous worm-shaped creature who wears a witch hat called xiāngjiāo. He/she is really sad because his/her existence consists of infinitely being blasted through endless wormholes into different worlds that don’t make any sense ”

With that innate ingenuity, Iglooghost recently released “Peanut Choker”, a spastic offering from his upcoming Little Grids EP—a 5-track appetizer of previously unreleased songs while he preps his as-yet-unnamed full-length debut album for Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder imprint. The three-minute track is a wondrous trek through whirring synths, dreamy keys, and a muddle of vocal samples atop shifty drum programming. At its peak, the song feels like the best sugar-high ever. The listener is led on a breakneck excursion through Iglooghost’s ideality before the drums stagger into ethereal filtered vocals.

Little Grids will be released March 18th via Brainfeeder. You can stream “Peanut Choker” below.