Ill Fits distill bits of Brooklyn

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Ill Fits

What do you get when you mix Amazing Baby, MGMT, Foreign Islands, and Miles Anthony Benjamin Robinson? No, this isn't the beginning of a joke by some Brooklyn-centric comedian. It's more of a recipe for a new band featuring some of the people responsible for those projects. Enter Ill Fits.

After seeing them a handful of times this summer, I'm smitten. What's first striking about the band is how comfortable they are on stage together. Of course, this is no surprise when you consider each of their combined experience. Robinson, who fronts the band, has been known to become so at ease as to lay down on stage while still carrying his end of the set. Their resulting sound is rollicking and easy to dance to, with plenty of jittery guitar lines and rousing vocals studding the tracks.

Ill Fits plans to drop a single this fall, but you can get the jump on the rest of the music world by checking out their next show, which is September 10 at Glasslands, as well as their best song so far, “Blood and Devotion,” which was produced by Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift.

Blood & Devotion by Ill Fits