Import Export – “Group Therapy”

Berlin duo teams up with MAZ UNIVERZE & Stefan Heinrich for intense electronic anthem

“Group Therapy” by Import Export delivers an electrifying musical journey that skillfully combines elements of gabba and eurodance to create a captivating and intense experience. The collaboration with Luxembourgish rapper, MAZ UNIVERZE, adds a powerful and evocative spoken word layer to the track, while the soft, melodious female vocals in the chorus provide a beautiful contrast.

The song’s evocative lyrics serve as a warning signal, promoting healing through shared experiences, making it the ultimate form of group therapy. The production is exceptional, with the track starting with gentle piano chords and gradually building up to a crescendo of soaring synths and explosive drums, immersing listeners in a sonic whirlwind.

Stefan Heinrich‘s expertise in live instrumental performances is evident in the cinematic and dynamic instrumentation, while Josi Miller’s DJing background seamlessly blends ’90s melancholic drum and bass with electronic influences, conjuring a unique and mesmerizing sound. “Group Therapy” is a must-listen for those seeking a thrilling and transformative musical experience – perfect for moments when one needs to let go and embrace the healing power of music and camaraderie.

You can give Import Export’s latest bop a spin below: