JonoJono – “Consciousness”

Florida indie artist drops enthralling, genre-blending new single

Indie sensation JonoJono returns with an enthralling new track titled “Consciousness,” which once again pushes the boundaries and seamlessly blends genres. Hailing from Florida but raised in Houston, TX, JonoJono showcases his talents as a singer, guitarist, and producer in this compelling single. The song kicks off with a guitar riff brimming with attitude, setting the stage for an atmosphere filled with tension and excitement that persists throughout the entire track.

Through the profound lyrics, “Consciousness” delves deep into the realms of self-awareness and introspection, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through their own inner landscapes.

The track is a true embodiment of JonoJono’s emotions, as his layered harmonies convey a raw sense of emotion. Written during the challenging times of the Covid lockdown, the song reflects JonoJono’s personal struggles and triumphs. Feeling the weight of reality closing in, he channelled his emotions into this cathartic piece of music, transforming frustration into boundless creativity. The guitar solo in the song, born out of the isolation’s constraints, serves as a powerful release of pent-up energy, adding an extra dimension to the overall experience.

“Music shouldn’t have a name or a label as long as it’s authentic,” JonoJono shared. “It should be a gift of freedom to share stories in any way you want, no matter the expectations of others.”

With this ethos at the core of his artistic vision, JonoJono continues to break moulds and create art that transcends genres. You can give “Consciousness” a spin below: