Jackson Boone, "Don't"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

“Take a breath… Don’t realize you’re dreaming,” sings Jackson Boone on his latest, “Don’t.” The mellowed lo-fi track digs deep into the effervescence of our daydreams, and losing ourselves within our thoughts. Residing in Portland, Oregon, Boone’s music listens like the optimistic answer to the perpetual rain of the Pacific Northwest. Dreamy and gooey, his vocals and velvet synths surround us as we journey through his lo-fi expressions. On “Don’t,” Boone’s words are meant to encourage us to be more attentive, but it’s hard not to get lost in his beachy, sun-streaked world.
Regarding the track’s subject matter, Boone adds that it is about “trying to make light of how disassociation has become more common in the budding psyche of Internet millennials, and how it leads to numbness, and disconnect, and the chorus is an ode to the challenges of intimacy, learning peaceful commune.” It’s a call to awareness– enjoy your dreams, but don’t let them take you over.

3.10.17 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
3.11.17 – San Francisco – Hotel Utah, CA
3.12.17 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
3.13.17 – Trunk Space – Phoenix, AZ
3.14-18.17 – SXSW – Austin, TX
3.19.17 – Backyard on Bell – Denton, TX
3.20.17 – Valley of the Vapors – Hot Springs, AR
3.21.17 – MiniBar – Kansas City, MO
3.23.17 – Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO
Boone’s newest full length studio album, Organic Light Factory, comes out this March, when he will also be touring. It is available for preorder now.